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On November 9th 2019 playing rugby union for Aspatria I snapped my left knee ACL. Three months later after some inconsistencies within the health care system Matt Dawson of the Cumbrian Knee Clinic took me under his care and rebuilt my knee in February 2020. Obviously this was always going to be a worrying time but the expertise of Matt and the care team set me on the right road to recovery.

I then took a year away from sport to help my knee recover, steadily building up strength and agility to a point where in the summer of 2021 I could start training and playing again. I now play consistently week in week out with no ill effects and with a mindset that the knee is good, "maybe" better than it was in the first place!

Can not thank you enough.

Guy Reed

July 2021

It's almost my ankneeversary. All is progressing well. I can walk 5 miles without discomfort. And walkdownhill - yay! Kneeling, after a slow start, is now coming on nicely. I can sit cross legged on the floor, with knees propped with cushions - the knees are still too painful to fully externally rotate the hips, but the pain is definitely reducing, As the pain reduces I work on getting more flexion. The aim is to be able to flex a knee and take hold of the ankle behind, and I'm getting tantalisingly close to it now. Knee ops may be routine, but they are anything but routine for the patient. You don't just fix knees at the Cumbrian Knee Clinic, you give people a second chance for a normal, active life. It's magic, thank-you.

Kind regards,


Operation date: July 2021

David Alsop Morecambe

After previous investigations with Mr Dawson it was decided that I really needed a total knee replacement. My self and my wife had a holiday booked so Mr Dawson suggested we went on it and he would operate the week after we return. Unfortunately when we got back I got the dreaded Covid and the operation had to be cancelled for 7 weeks However a new soonest possible date was arranged. By the time the new date arrived my knee had deteriorated and I was walking only short distances with quite a lot of pain. My experience with Mr Dawson and his team at the BMI hospital in Lancaster was certainly a much less stressful experience than I was anxious about. Everybody from the porter up were so professional and were always putting me at ease and continually reassuring me and explaining the procedure at every stage. Post op was exceptional with first class care at all time. Discharge from hospital was really at my convenience again with comprehensive instructions, advice and including a useful ice pack machine. Here I am now 1 week after the operation and zero pain free during the day with some discomfort at night. I am walking very freely using 2 crutches more for confidence than support and I feel that within a week I should be down to one stick and soon after needing no additional support. It is probably the wrong word to use to say that the overall experience has been ‘wonderful’ but struggling to describe it otherwise.



Thank you for the first class job that you did , giving my wife Elizabeth a new Knee, it is a first class job we are so grateful.

Thank you again

Arthur Mason

Operation: Total Knee Replacement
Patient Age: 79 Years
Operation date: Aug 2020

At 17 going to the doctors with arthritic type pains in your hip, knee and ankle joints because of knock-knees is humiliating. It then becomes frustrating when the doctors admit it’s not good, and your gait is bad, but say you’re too young to do anything about it; leaving you feeling like your problems are not real or cared about ……………………


I owe Matt my new quality of life. My ‘new legs’ have given me a completely different outlook to what I’m capable of doing. I’ve never known confidence like it. Two months after both operations I was able to go back to the gym, and back to work as a waiter. Six months after my first operation I was up a mountain in Greece, and 6 Months after the second I climbed a mountain in China twice the height of Ben Nevis. Each time I managed these trips I had to think of Matt and send him a telepathic ‘thanks’. Not being able to hike, climb, cycle or run were my biggest fears of having these operations, but actually my improved balance and no more joint pains means that I am much better off during such activities. Just four month after my final operation I started teaching English in China. I now plan to see the world, and Matt helped me on that journey.

Thank you Matt, I hope my words can pay tribute for my gratitude towards you.

Forever grateful,
Kristian Dennett.

Operations -

18th June 2018: Left double osteotomy - medial closing wedge distal femoral and medial closing wedge proximal tibial

29th July 2019: Right double osteotomy - medial closing wedge distal femoral and medial closing wedge high tibial


I’d just like to take a few minutes to thank Matt for the difference he has made to my quality of life.

He explained carefully to me , and my wife, what the procedure was and what outcome I could expect.

Everything went smoothly on the day, the staff at BMI Lancaster were great, especially the physio dept.

The rehab has been long, but I was told it would be, especially for someone as impatient as me. At times the rehab was pretty painful but then I was in an awful lot of pain before my surgery. The end result is that I’m out cycling 100+ miles a week and am able to go on long walks that I thought I’d never be able to do again.

I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone with knee problems, indeed a friends wife has already been treated by him after asking me for his details.

Operation: Right Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy
Operation date: Feb 2020

Nov 2020

I'm delighted with the outcome. My recovery was speedier than anticipated, and I never expected to be able to do as much as I am. Matt and the team at Lancaster were fantastic and Matt himself was very thorough post op. We finally got to meet up a month or so ago where I was officially signed off.

Operation: Right Knee Arthroscopic Posterior Horn Medical Meniscal Resection & Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy
Operation date: 7th March 2020

Oct 2020

Finding Matt and his team has been a life changer for me. I have suffered leg problems since childhood. Whilst I do not know what the future may bring, I know that without this surgery I would be still seeing different surgeons and having endless hours of physio without any real benefit. I cannot recommend Matt and his team highly enough. I would not hesitate to have similar surgery on my left leg if/when the time comes.

Paul Vaughan

Operation: Right double osteotomy - medial closing wedge proximal tibia and distal tibial rotational osteotomy
Operation date: Aug 2019

Oct 2020

I officially retire this week and so active access to emails like this become less easy. I just want to thank you so very much. I am cycling running (no more than 5km) kayaking fell walking and have wonderful freedom that is pain free. Thank you Matt, for your expertise.

All the best in the future.

Operation: RIGHT TKR
Operation date: June 2018

Sept 2020

I was a little apprehensive prior to my consultation with Matt Dawson and assumed he would just give me options for different operations for my knee which has no cartilage at all on one side, so ‘bone on bone’, but he listened to what I wished for, examined me thoroughly and gave me all the information on the options I had to consider. From my x rays my knee needed some sort of replacement but he understood and respected my reasons for not wanting to do so until absolutely necessary. Primarily as a dance teacher I wanted to be able to dance as near to 100% as my knee would let me, be on my feet for long shifts working behind a bar and walk my dog every day, without too much pain and without risk of further damage to the knee. Big ask, but he came up with an option/answer. I went ahead with the knee brace he recommended and it has changed my life and given me all that I asked for, pain free and hopefully for some years to come. I am amazed and over the moon at the difference it has made to my life. I thank him so much for looking outside the box and not just recommending a knee operation. I would, without hesitation, recommend Matt Dawson to anyone considering a knee operation.

April 2020

Mr Dawson gave me a very detailed explanation of what would happen in my operation and made me feel very confident going into the procedure. After he came to see me and explained what he had done. My scars are so neat I’m very happy with my recovery and the surgery outcome. I would recommend Mr Dawson to anyone looking for knee surgery.

April 2020

From the initial appointment to the completion of surgery and after care, I was extremely impressed with Matt's professionalism and expertise. He explained everything very clearly and patiently, and was understanding of my age (77). The exercises after the operation were painful but very important and a necessity to a complete and full recovery. My knee is now fully healed and scaring is not noticeable. I am now able to walk 5 miles including the first 500 foot climb of the Coast to Coast walk (Dent Fell) and this is only 16 weeks post op. My aim is to be doing a lot more walking and cycling in the forthcoming months.I would fully recommend Matt Dawson to anyone considering a complete knee replacement. My thanks go to Matt and all his team.

March 2020

I’m glad you got in touch, I never got the opportunity to thank you both. I really appreciate what you have done for me. It’s a new lease on life. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Please pass on my sincere thanks and best regards to Matt.

Operation: Lateral closing wedge Distal Femoral Osteotomy (DFO) & Bone patellar tendon bone Anterior Cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL)
Operation date: February 2019

March 2020

I just wanted to let him know I am back in the gym and pool now and my knees are doing really great, I actually have noticeable leg muscles now ha that I haven’t seen for the past couple of years and my previous symptoms from the plica are a distant memory. It has been a long journey and the swelling was a killer for a good few months (especially in dubai’s heat) but with the help of a great physio I am back to nearly feeling ‘normal' again. I am so glad we went ahead with the operation and it was definitely the right decision, it has made me realise how long I had been putting up with my symptoms and chancing my life around them.

Once again thank you!
Best Wishes,
Operation: Bilateral Arthroscopy
Operation date: 30th May 2019

March 2020

As a patient in a lot of pain, it was actually a relief to be told “bad news” when that news was that there is a very real physical explanation for the years of knee pain and the inability to walk, especially when qualified with the very comforting statement that “the good news” is that the problem can be fixed. With two knees now “fixed” simultaneously, thanks to Matt Dawson, my only regret is that I did not consult him earlier.From the very first consultation throughout the whole process, I felt I was being treated by someone very knowledgeable but also very caring. I was amazed at how quickly he completed the procedures but also how much time he was prepared to spend explaining and reassuring. I have already recommended Matt Dawson to others and will continue to do so.

February 2020

From first meeting till the end of my treatment everything was superb, everything thing was explained thoroughly and professionally, the operation, aftercare and results expected were explained fully, the final results were life changing for me and cannot thank Mr Dawson enough, thanks again.

February 2020

Mr Dawson is a very talented Orthopaedic Surgeon and his friendly manner made a potentially daunting experience quite enjoyable. His excellent care and attention to detail was second to none. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery as it has given me a new lease of life and I am extremely grateful.

February 2020

I am delighted to be able to confirm that my full left knee replacement carried out by Mr. Mathew Dawson in December 2019 has been a complete success in every way. Following a most informative and helpful initial consultation, my operation proceeded in a timely manner to an early recovery, enabling me to return to a busy outdoor life such as I have been unable to follow for many years.

February 2020

A very positive experience. I was seen very quickly. Everything was done to make things convenient for me. All options were well explained. The surgery went very well and recovery was well monitored. I made an excellent recovery from two surgeries for partial Knee replacements within 10 months of each other.A very caring and talented surgeon.I would and have recommended Mr. Dawson to friends.

February 2020

Mr Dawson was extremely professional but equally, very easy to talk to about what was to happen and what problems might occur.My knee replacement was entirely successful but the patient needs to play their part in the procedure by doing as they are told and particularly in exercising the replacement part!

February 2020

Everything went very smoothly.Pain free in 3 weeks.Walking the dog after one month.

January 2020

I am very grateful to Matthew Dawson for his expert patient manner and surgical skills. Throughout my patient journey, I had no doubt that I was in good hands, as he adopted a person-centered approach to my injury, which is greatly appreciated as a semi-professional athlete. Matthew Dawson ensured that I was well informed and prepared for the surgical procedure and post-operative rehabilitation which has greatly facilitated my recovery.

January 2020

Matt is generous with his time and keen that his patients are able to make informed decisions. I felt fully informed and listened to. All my questions were answered and I felt guided in the decisions that needed to be made. Any worries were quickly dispelled. Matt has a very open and honest approach. I knew he genuinely cared for my long term well being. I was certainly not just another number / commodity. I will need my other knee replacing in the future and Matt will be who I choose. As I am a little young for a knee replacement, Matt spent time exploring every option with me and demonstrated true integrity and professionalism. Detailed follow up care has ensured a speedy and effective recovery.

October 2019

From first visit to having both knees replaced was one week. From that first consultation to being released, everything was explained in full with every possible option, action, reaction etc carefully discussed and explained to me. The knowledge, confidence and experience of Mr Dawson set every possible worry I had to rest and I went into the procedure completely relaxed, unworried and full of confidence in the result. Because I had both knees replaced at the same time the operation itself was about 4.5 hours long but throughout the whole time Mr Dawson and the anaesthetist chatted to me explaining what was happening ( when I wasn’t having a little snooze) and the time literally flew. After the operation the follow up care by Mr Dawson and the hospital staff was exemplary indeed 10 hours after being taken to ward I was up out of bed walking ( albeit very slowly and wobbly), but this improved rapidly in the following two days with the care and tension I received. I left hospital on the third day, on crutches, which considering the procedure was much quicker than expected. At home I was walking on one crutch within three days and within the first week of getting home I was walking one mile a day on only one crutch. Again this was admittedly slowly but the confidence gained from being able to do it was immense. The aftercare notes re exercises etc that I needed to do was extremely comprehensive and I followed to the letter. Within three months I was walking at least 7 miles per day and now 9 months later I am back walking the Fells in the Lake District where I live with no consideration given to the distance or terrain when planning my walks. Having take early retirement to allow me to enjoy my passions of walking the hills with my dog and beach fishing and then having those so severely curtailed by my damaged knees I cannot thank Mr Dawson and his staff enough for their efforts to give me back my full active life. I have absolutely no hesitation in giving my full endorsement of Mr Dawson’s skills should you be considering a similar procedure.

September 2019

I received excellent care with everything fully explained. My appointments were made for my convenience and the surgery was performed at the most convenient time for me. I felt very reassured and confident the whole time and have already suggested to a friend that they consult with Mr Dawson. My recovery has been excellent and I am very pleased with the results

May 2019

From start to finish Matts care and attention has been exemplary I felt I had complete confidence in his work, which as it turns out has been well founded.I would advise anyone considering a knee operation to chhose Matt. I can't thank him enough!

May 2019

I had suffered a double injury to my knee (on two separate occasions), causing a full rupture of the ACL with Lateral Meniscus damage. The care and attention I received from Matt Dawson and his team has not only been exceptional, but has given me the confidence to continue with my post-op rehab, with an aim to once again lead an active, healthy lifestyle. I really appreciated Matt's evident expertise, as shown in the success of my operation. It was also reassuring to have a surgeon discuss the best possible options available, and taking the time to explain the nature of the injury and what the procedure would involve and how it would benefit full recovery. The post-op follow ups were also extremely helpful, as I was always made to feel like I was being kept up to date and could ask any questions I may have had. If you need to entrust anyone to take care of you at a difficult time (requiring surgery), I cannot recommend Mr Dawson enough.

April 2019

I have seen a number of knee specialists over the years and only wish I had come across Matt earlier. After 20 mins with him, I already knew more about my problem and potential solutions than I had got from numerous appointments with other doctors. He focused on finding a permanent solution to my problem rather than suggesting temporary solutions that would have led me down the path to a knee replacement. For someone operating at the top of his profession, his manner is exemplary; there is no hint of arrogance. He clearly explains things and doesn’t mind when you repeatedly ask daft questions. For anyone with knee problems, I cannot recommend Matt strongly enough.

April 2019

Very skilled and experienced. Also very calm and positive attitude! I'm very happy to have Mr Dawson as my consultant and I have lots of trust in him. Couldn't have had a better consultant.

April 2019

Mr Matt Dawson was very knowledgable and professional, he explained my knee problem in detail very clearly along with the MRI scans.

April 2019

I have had a number of knee operations performed by Mr Dawson, each one a success. From the pre-operation consultations until the sign off after the operation, Mr Dawson was extremely professional, explaining what the issue was, the options, what he was going to do and how the operation went. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Dawson.

April 2019

Over the past year I have had two total knee replacements and my husband a half knee replacement. All three procedures were carried out by Matt and the care we received was outstanding. From our first meeting, we knew we were in safe hands as Matt is very approachable and caring. Follow-up care was also excellent and we each received several visits from Matt during our hospital stay to check that all was well. Although still recovering from my second operation, my first knee replacement and my husband's have been very successful, resulting in a much improved quality of life.

April 2019

I approched Mr Dawson after flustrating treatment from the nhs after a Knee accident. Mr Dawsons professional care of my knee was amazing addressing the problem immediately and sorting it. His time and patients was invaluable to my progress and i know if i have any problems in the future he will sort it with care and attention.

April 2019

I have had knee problems since an early age and have had numerous surgeries carried out by a number of different doctors. I have been told for many years that I need new knees but I'm too young and I would have to 'put up with it'. Mr Dawson has a completely different attitude which has been like a breath of fresh air! He carried out a procedure that previous surgeons had refused to do. He believes in getting 'younger' patients active again and not leaving them to suffer and 'put up with it'. I really can't thank him enough for giving me my life back! I have already recommended Mr Dawson to other people with knee problems and will continue to do so. Not all Heroes wear capes!

April 2019

I first encounter Mr Dawson in hospital and have since had 3 procedures carried out in his private practice. As well as being a renowned Knee Surgeon he is also extremely personable. He is very thorough in explaining medical issues and procedures so a layman can understand. Just wish all ortho surgeons were as great as Mr Dawson.

April 2019

From start to finish my care was both professional and sympathetic. Matt fully explained the diagnosis and treatment at each stage. I have since returned to full fitness and have been able to continue with all my sporting activities. This weekend I completed a full marathon which was a primary aim following surgery and rehabilitation.

April 2019

Pt phoned. She is 4 weeks post TKR. She has now been discharged from physio. She said her Physio has never seen anything like it! She is doing 2 miles a day walking and cycling. She has hardly any pain and is not using crutches. The physio can’t believe what he has seen!

June 2019

As Matt will remember one of my goals following my Femoral Osteotomy, was to get back to walking the fells. The first very sunny image, shows me at the top of Catbells in the Lakes, 5 days before my surgery last year.

I am happy to say that the following two images, show me also back at the top of Catbells yesterday, 10 months after my surgery! I'm still a work in progress and building strength and working with my ITB, but I am getting there and to get to the top of Catbells again, tired but with no knee pain, all I can say is thank you.

Kind regards
By Jackie who had Distal Femoral Osteotomy (DFO) in June 2018

May 2019

Dear Jo
I think I don't need an appointment anymore. I have to admit that I don't feel pain in my knee anymore! I walk, kneel without any problem. I still do exercises to improve muscle strength and bending of my knees and every day feel better. Already planning to buy a new bicycle and start cycling when spring comes! I am very happy with results and I am very grateful for your fantastic service and care! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Wishing you all the best!
Adam Sopala
Bilateral Knee Arthroscopy

Nov 18

To Mat Dawson. Thanks for the new knees 3 years ago today from Geoff Bartle. On the top of Dodd fell last week. Thanks for a new life.

Geoff Bartle
Operation Bilateral Knee Replacements

6th Nov18

Hope you are keeping well. Sorry I've not sent you an update on my condition before now but time flies when you're enjoying yourself!

Following the removal of the plate my recovery progressed well and much of the pain disappeared straight away.

I re-commenced training, on the bike initially but increasingly cross training swimming,cycling and running. I still generally don't run on consecutive days but try to do something 5-6 days a week.

I entered 2 sprint triathlons a couple of months ago and completed both. Only fitness (and age!!) governing my performance.

Yesterday I completed a 10k race and was very pleased with the pace (53:13, 8:34 minutes per mile). I have no ill effects from the run.

Generally apart from a lack of surface sensation in the knee area I have no problems, and do not have any internal issues with it.

Thanks for your diagnosis and carrying out the operation, which I regard as completely successful. Now if you can recommend anything to stop the ageing process and make me as fit as I was 40 years ago I think you will have really been successful!!!

Best regards Steve
Steve Walsh
Aged 69 yrs
Operation High Tibial Osteotomy

July 18

On the 10th March 2016 after taking advice from Dr Dawson of Carlisle Infirmary I had a High Tibial Osteotomy on my left leg. Dr Dawson and his team inserted a titanium rod in my lower leg to support my knee joint. The operation was a great success and the pain I had for many years has completely gone.

Unfortunately my right leg needed the same operation. By chance in 2017 I read an article in the Daily telegraph about a precision nail that had been invented and used in America since 2009 for the same operation. During my appointment for my right leg I asked Dr dawson about it. He told me the nail was much more accurate that the titanium rod but because of the expense of it, it was unlikely he could get one for me.

In feb 2018 Dr Dawson's secretary rang and said my operation would take place on the 28th Feb 18 and that I was able to have the Precision Nail instead of the titanium rod. The operation took place at Whitehaven Hospital the same as my left leg. I was very happy with my first operation however the precision nail was a complete step up from that. I hardly had any bruising or swelling and the incisions were healed up after two weeks with no pain now. It's nine weeks since the operation, I can walk normally and I am doing my work with care. Dr Dawson and his team in my humble opinion are the best in their field. We in Cumbria are very fortunate to have them.

Mr K.Kendall
Operation High Tibial Osteotomy using NuVasive Nail

Apr 18

When I first met Matt Dawson I was in a great deal of pain, after sustaining an injury on a long distance cycle route. I had expected him just to operate to repair the tear in my knee, so I was surprised when he asked me about my lifestyle. Aged 61 and with progressive osteoarthritis, I was resigned to eventually having to give up the fell walking and cycling that I enjoy so much.

I had been told on many occasions that the pain and stiffness in my knee was wear and tear and an inevitable part of ageing and that nothing could be done, apart from pain relief and an eventual knee replacement. So it was refreshing to meet Matt, for whom age is no barrier to resolving these problems. He recognises that many older people live active lives and want to continue to do so for many years to come.

As well as sorting out my injury, Matt offered to extend the life of my knee by performing an Osteotomy. By realigning the bone and straightening my slightly knock kneed leg, he explained that there would be less pressure on my arthritic knee and this would enable me to continue to have an active lifestyle for many years to come.

The operation was a complete success and I am now pain free and able to resume all my previous sporting activities with vigour! At 61 I have been given a new lease of life, thanks to Matt’s pioneering work and holistic view of his patients.

Alice Rosser
Age 61 years
Distal Femoral Osteotomy (DFO) on 14th July 2017

Feb 2018

"Dear Mr Dawson
Just dropping a quick email to let you know I am fit and well following my 12 week recovery period after my knee surgery. I have great extension in my knee and I look forward now to painless activities in the future. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone concerned with my care. You are all truly wonderful. Huge thanks everybody.
Tracy Foster
Special thanks for Mr Dawson's secretary for her kindness."

Apr 2017

It's now nearly 2.5 years since my left Knee arthroplasty. Just though I would drop you a line and say how well it is working. Currently visiting our children in British Columbia and New Zealand and enjoying skiing, snow shoeing,hiking and cycling. The limiting factor in this activity is the arthritic right knee but I hope to get another year or two out of it before needing your help again.
Best wishes

65yr old pt had TKR in Oct 2017

October 2017

I had a bilateral knee replacement done At Lancaster hospital on Friday 19 January 2018. Operation went well and I can't believe how fast I recovered. 
Three days in hospital and I was walking without any aids after three weeks. No pain in my knees when I was walking and back in the gym also after three weeks with the approval of my physio. Never looked back since day one I wish I had the operations earlier. Mr Dawson was confident my operations would be successful and it has been much better than I expected. I think keeping my fitness up before the operations (I could not walk any distance without pain) but could cycle and use the rowing machine in my gym and using light weights helped. I would recommend this operation to anyone that has the same problems I had.

Liz Jackson

I just thought you might like to know how successful the ACL graft was after my ski accident last year. I had the opp at the end of April. I am just on my way back from 4 great days skiing in the alps. I am still doing physio and exercises and am not 100% yet but am well on the way

Thanks to your work am well on the way

Will Ripley

"Following knee surgery performed by Mr Matt Dawson at the end of September 2014, I have over the bank holiday weekend, 28th & 29th May, completed 53 miles of a 67 mile sponsored walk from Cumberland Infirmary to Freeman Hospital Newcastle following Hadrians Walk. I would appreciate it if Mr Dawson could be made aware of this and could you please pass on my heart felt appreciation to Mr Dawson and his team for the excellent work they do and for giving me back my quality of life. I had no pain in the knee over the two days and it is the best it has been for approximately 20 years. Once again thank you so much Mr Dawson you are an amazing surgeon."

Sponsored Walk

"I had no pain in the knee over the two days and it is the best it has been for approximately 20 years."

Mr Dawson you are an amazing surgeon.

Mr Dawson We have kept in contact over the last four years and at times I’ve had some levels of discomfort with my knee but I’ve now learned how to manage my physical activities and know when and when not to rest. Anyway to the point,

On Sunday I completed the Lakeland Trail challenge Coniston marathon…...Not only that, but I actually won the event!!!

Given where I was I can’t thank you enough for the quality of life you have afforded me. I’m planning competing in the Lakeland ultra 110 K at the start of July, please feel free to share with any of your patients, who may have some reservations to having this procedure, I highly recommend it once again a really big thank you.


"During the Grand Masters (Over 60’s) Hockey World Cup in 2014 my left knee was swelling badly after each game and severely affecting my performance. It was painful and needed constant icing and attention. It felt like my career was over.

Matt was very reassuring and I completely trusted him to do whatever needed doing. Post Operation I read so many negative comments about Micro Fracture on various Knee Forums I was a little worried that I might not make a full recovery and be able to play again. I followed the rehabilitation process to the letter and six months after my operation I played my first game. My knee feels completely normal now and this Summer, exactly a year since my operation, I played for England in the European Championships. Six games in seven days and the knee was perfect. The Cumbrian Knee Clinic have been hugely impressive and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Jeff Jackson Thank you."

Jeff Jackson

"I had been struggling with knee problems for as long as I remember. The work you have done on my knees has really changed my life. Felicity aged 26years"


"Thought you might like to see the Offloader getting the full treatment on holiday recently. Worked really well and was pain free playing for over an hour ( suffered a bit afterwards though ). Also works very well in daily activities."


Matt Dawson is a Specialist Knee Surgeon with over 16 years Consultant experience. Matt is internationally renowned as one of the leading authorities on knee realignment surgery

  • Specialist Knee Surgeon

  • Over 16 years Consultant experience

  • Internationally Recognised

  • Patient Centric Approach

  • Holistic Approach

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